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Aug, 2022
MA Proudly Presents the Perfection Driven by Innovation
KUAN Art. 6 Version is ready for the market starting from today. We are convinced that this new variant is capable of boosting more sales leads by offering the end users this marvelous, flexible and cost-effective option.
Aug, 2022
Unveiling Another Extraordinary Application of CASHIER Smart Payment Kiosk
Recently we have some new achievements to offer CASHIER as all-in-one self-service kiosk, utility bill payment, sim card top-up, cash deposit, cash pick-up and money transferring, can provide an “One stop shop” to reduce labor cost and processing time. Furthermore, ID verification can boost the security level and decrease human error rate. It is suitable to locate at where people are crowded together such as subway stations, convenient stores, shopping arcades and so on.
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